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My name is Joe Amato, CEO of VIVO Creative.  A little over 2 years ago, I left the traditional advertising world to start a digital marketing company.  The main reason why I left, was that I felt my clients, and Hudson Valley businesses as a whole, were being oversold, underserved, and really didn’t understand the potential of online marketing.

Today, as our clients’ businesses continue to grow, so does our organization. I’m proud to have a full creative team behind each digital marketing campaign.  Our mission for you, the client is to focus on your ROI, not ours.

Thanks for visiting us and I truly look forward to serving you.

-Joe Amato

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More than 50% of all time spent on a mobile device is on some sort of social network. We’ve honed our skills to deliver digital marketing campaigns that speak directly to where the end consumer’s attention is.  This puts our clients in the best possible place to succeed.

We only offer what we do really well.  It works for us, and the client.

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