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Video content is, by far, the best way to grab and hold the attention of your audience. We offer HD animated videos, and live action video marketing for social media and your website.


Check out some of our recent video marketing campaigns created right here in the Hudson Valley.  These are local businesses that are seeing HUGE numbers on their video content, and they love it.


Here’s why you need to stop debating, making excuses and procrastinating when it comes to video.  It’s real. It’s here to stay, and it’s easier than you think.

100 Million Hours of Facebook Video Watched Every Single Day

It’s no secret that Facebook is one of the biggest advertising platforms on the market.  But when it comes to video advertising for your local business, Facebook is hands down, the most affordable platform for video views.

You’ll get tons of exposure with the people that matter most to you, for a fraction of the cost of any other video marketing platform.

We’ll help you build perfect Facebook video content that your audience will love to share.

Snapchat Users are Watching 10 Billion Videos a Day

If you think Snapchat is just for the “young people,” then you’re grossly underestimating this powerful, attention grabbing social network.  With one out of every two new users being over the age of 25, Snapchat’s visually appealing camera app is on the rise for brands and marketers alike.

We’re able to create 10 second, vertical video ads that are easy to target, digest, and track.

YouTube Users are Watching 5 Billion Videos a Day

It’s hard to think of video marketing without thinking of YouTube.  The original video platform is still holding its own and is still a powerhouse for video advertising.

We can target users by their interest, YouTube channel, even specific videos.  We’ll create and promote your video content to the people that matter most to you, on a platform that is made for video.

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