Our goal was to offer students at the Dutchess Community College graduation ceremony a Snapchat Sponsored Geofilter during the event.  The idea was to have graduating students use the filter to send to friends and add to their story.

Doing this would increase the college’s brand awareness in people over the age of 13 who are using Snapchat.


Here is the area in which we were able to target our geofilter for just 4 hours.  Immediately before, during, and shortly after the ceremony.  Our filter would only be shown inside the building where the ceremony was taking place.

Snapchat Geofilter Geofence


What would help achieve our goal, most of all, was the creative.  In order to have Snapchat geofilters work for you, the creative needs to be catered to the audience and/or the event you’re targeting.  In this case, graduating students.

snapchat sponsored geofilter


The results were astounding.  As you can see below for each geofilter, the college achieved the following:

1,100 Impressions (Occurs when people see the geofilter as they’re swiping over their snap).

378 Conversions (Occurs when people choose to use the geofilter in their Snap or story to send to friends).

18,200 Views (Occurs when friends of those who use the filter see their Snap or story. Usually in less than 24 hours).

snapchat geofilter results
snapchat results