Episode 10 – 14 Huge Mistakes Businesses Make on Social Media, Part 2

In Part 2 of this 2-part series, we’re going over the final 7 of the 14 mistakes businesses make on social media.

This series is all about the mistakes we see all the time on social media and hopefully, how to avoid them.  Our goal is to help make small business succeed online, and avoiding these mistakes can sometimes mean the difference between attracting and repelling new customers.

In Part 2 we cover:

  • Not being a jerk on social media
  • Posting too many memes
  • Attempting to be on every social network as a business
  • Using photos/videos without permission
  • Selling all the time
  • Not selling enough
  • Not buying social media ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc

I hope you enjoyed this mini series and hope you found value.  Maybe you’re guilty of one or more of these social media mistakes, but this should serve to help you correct your path to social media success!