7 Steps to Optimizing your Facebook Business Page

If you have a business, then it’s no secret that you need a Facebook business page.  But is yours up to snuff? When was the last time you really took a look at what people find when they get to you?

So, here’s 7 steps to optimizing your Facebook business page.  Follow these steps and you’ll be in a better position to help people find your business and more importantly, take action when they get there.


Step 1: Your Profile Name

This first one seems a little obvious but make sure that your profile name is the same name as your business.  Your name is used every time you post and is what people will usually see first when they search for you.

Don’t worry if another business is using this name, we’ll take care of that in step 2.


Step 2: Your @username

This is what Facebook will show under your business profile name.  It is also an easy way for people to find your business page, as well as mention your business in posts or comments.

If you already have one, great.  If not, hop into the about section and create one. Make sure it has your business name in it. Facebook will tell you if the @username you’re creating is taken.  If it’s taken, create one that is memorable and again, has your business name in it.


Step 3: Profile Picture

Your profile picture will sometimes be what people notice first, even before your business name.  Make sure that your profile picture is something that is distinguishable to your business. I’d recommend you use your company logo as the profile picture.

The profile picture will need to be a square photo. We usually make our profile pictures 800 x 800 but Facebook will display at 170 x 170 so it must be at least that size.  If you don’t have a square version of your logo, Facebook will help you crop your profile picture to make it fit.


Step 4: Cover Photo or Video

When someone visits your page, the cover photo will be at the very top of the page.  This is a perfect opportunity to grab the attention of the user. Facebook will now even let you create cover videos to be even more engaging.

Use that space to portray what you offer to your visitor.  Make it value based, and how your business solves a problem that your potential customer may be facing.

The recommended Facebook cover photo size is 851 x 315 pixels.  If you plan to use a video cover, make sure it’s 820 x 312 and it must be between 20 and 90 seconds long.


Step 5: About Section

If your customers are looking for information about your company, like your hours, pricing, website, address, phone number, etc., this is where they’d find it.  It’s really important that this information is up to date.

Having incomplete or inaccurate info may even hurt your search ranking on Facebook and even Google.

Include your story, how you started, how people can get a hold of you, and any other pertinent info you think they would need.


Step 6: Call to Action Button

This is the button at the top of your page and reflects the action you’d like your visitor to take.  With this button, you can have them contact you, request a quote, visit your website, get directions, even call you right from the Facebook app.

Either way, whichever call to action button you choose, make sure that you can be responsive to it.  If you’re asking for messages, make sure you can answer them. Want website traffic? Make sure your website is responsive and ready for mobile.


Step 7: Tabs

Tabs are the sections to the left side of the screen on desktop and top of the screen on mobile.  Some tabs include photos, reviews, events, videos, about, etc.  If you want to highlight specific sections of your Facebook page, this would be the place.

Do you host many events? The events tab will be key here.  Heavily focused on videos?  Your videos tab should be prominent.

These are customizable inside the Page Settings section and can be accessed by going into Settings, then click Edit Page.  From here you’ll be able to enable or disable tabs on your page.


There you go!  Walk through these 7 steps and your Facebook business page will be in top shape.  The only thing left to do is post great content regularly on your page to keep people engaged with your business.