Episode 8 – Why Having an Email List is Still Important & 4 Ways to Grow Your List Fast

Digital Joe has been officially revived and pulled out of the ashes!  This first episode is all about email.  Why having an email list in 2019 is so important for your business, and 4 ways to grow your email list fast.

It’s no shock that digital advertising is the wave of, well, now!  Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube, Snapchat, are all incredibly viable advertising options for local businesses because of their underpriced nature.  But, what happens when the cost goes up, or Facebook changes their algorithm again, or you suddenly can’t reach all of your Instagram followers?

This is why having an email list is so important, because it’s the one data point you can control.  In most advertising mediums, you have no control over the audience itself.

In keeping with the same theme of the importance of email, we dive into several ways you can grow your email (or in some cases, start one) fast!