Ep 22 – Keeping the Music Alive – COVID-19 Special Episode

This week, I sat down to learn how one business owner is changing how his company operates due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the positive outcomes from it.

Hey everyone, thanks for tuning in.  Sorry we missed you last week, but with the pandemic we’ve been a little behind.

Out of this horrible crisis we’re all facing as business owners,  here is at least one story that can hopefully spark some inspiration and innovation for you in your business.

I wanted to share something positive with you, a ZOOM conversation I had with a friend of mine, Mike Benninger.  He owns New Windsor Music Academy and due to COVID-19, his business has been ordered to shut down.  However, he’s been able to change how he’s doing things, offering things he’s never offered before, at a scale he’s never been able to

Best of luck to you during these uncertain times and I look forward to coming out of it stronger than ever before.

Watch the Interview Here