Episode 2 – How to Handle Online Reviews

Episode 2 is all about a question I get constantly.  How do I handle online reviews?

In this episode, we’ll run through a crash course in online reviews for your local business.  You’ll learn where to pay attention to them, how to handle the good AND bad reviews, and how to get more reviews to grow your business.

Which reviews are the most important?

The most important reviews you’ll find about your business in how they affect you are Google, Facebook & Yelp.  These big 3 networks are few among dozens of online directories but in the eyes of the consumer, if you have a good rating here, you have a better chance of them trusting your business.

How do I handle reviews?

The biggest thing to do is RESPOND! This means to the good AND the bad reviews.  In the episode you’ll learn tactics for both.

How do I get more reviews?

In this episode we go over some specific strategies on growing your online reviews, but in it’s simplest form, just ask! Ask your best customers to leave you online ratings on either Google, Facebook or Yelp, and more often than not, they will!

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