Episode 3 – How an Attorney Uses Online Reviews to Grow his Law Firm

Another discussion about online reviews for a local law firm.  Attorney and business owner Dennis Vetrano joins me.

Coming off of Episode 2, I wanted to continue the discussion of online reviews and how important they can be for a local business.  In Episode 3, I’m joined by attorney and business owner Dennis Vetrano.  Dennis runs a successful family law practice in upstate, New York and relies heavily on positive online reviews from clients.

Here’s some of what you’ll get out of this interview:

  • How important are online reviews for a local business?
  • How do I handle negative online reviews?
  • How do I generate more reviews from happy customers/clients?
  • How can I use online reviews in other ways?

If you own or operate a local business, I hope this episode gives you a ton of value.  For more on Dennis and his firm, you can visit his website.