How Do Facebook Ads Target Users?

How Do Facebook Ads Target Users?

If you weren’t already aware, there’s much more to a Facebook campaign than just “boosting a post” on a page because it’s performing well.

How do these ads target users exactly? Let’s think about this for a moment.

Besides the standard information users use to populate their profiles including age, gender, education, job title, relationship status, hobbies, etc., Facebook also tracks the pages users like, the ads they tend to click on, and the sites they browse.

So, for example, if you’re an avid wine lover (21+) and tend to gravitate to pages that share a lot of humorous wine content or explicit wine deals, it shouldn’t be a surprise when you start seeing ads populating in your newsfeed that are wine-related.

Or let’s say you’re a fan of Italian cuisine. How will Facebook know that? Well, if you happen to like a variety of business pages that are Italian restaurants, don’t be surprised if some drool-worthy videos start popping up more often!

Facebook also works with third party companies that use public records and buying behavior to learn more about its users. Then, all of that information is used to decide to whom to show a specific ad, hence creating the world of Facebook marketing.