ProTexting Demo

ProTexting Demo (…and why I love this text marketing software)

If you’re thinking about giving text message marketing a try, you’ll need an SMS marketing program. Text marketing messages have over 90% open rates on average (duh, people check their texts every time their phone vibrates).  So it’s natural to think you may have success using this form of advertising.  While it’s not for everyone, it can certainly be an effective strategy under the right circumstances.  The program we recommend to our clients is ProTexting.

It’s an easy to use, affordable and effective SMS marketing platform that lets you do pretty much anything you need to achieve text marketing success.  Watch my demo video below and read about why I love this program.

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Here’s a few reasons why I like using ProTexting for our clients.

It’s easy to understand. 

Text message marketing can be tricky and difficult to understand. But this platform makes it simple.  The ProTexting dashboard gives you all the tools and info you need to collect numbers, launch campaigns, and track results.

It’s a feature-packed SMS marketing platform.

With the ability to use emojis, videos and images (MMS marketing), or regular text messages, you can send the exact text marketing message you want.  Plus you can send immediately or schedule ahead of time!

You can segment your lists.

In marketing it’s so important that you segment your marketing lists. ProTexting allows you to create different user groups to send text marketing messages to. Send to one group, a few, or all of them.  It’s completely up to you.

It’s affordable. 

While, you’ll need to figure out what kind of usage you need, there are different pricing tiers that ProTexting offers.  Plans start at just $49 a month and go up from there depending on how many messages you need to send out. (PS. If you use my link here or below, you’ll get 15% off your first month).

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