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With over 1 Billion users, TikTok is quickly becoming the social platform companies of all sizes are running toward for organic marketing.

We’ve generated over 30 Million Video Views and over 600,000 followers for our small business clients. This is leading to literally millions of dollars in revenue.

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How we do it

This is how we’ll go to work for your business to make marketing magic.

Step 1 Discovery.

We learn about your business, your industry and your target market to develop the best creative strategy for you.

Step 2 Creative.

Putting your creative strategy to work. Writing, filming and editing video content that your target audience will watch, share and act on.

Step 3 Distribution.

We place your content where your target audience spends most of their time online. Using both paid and organic methods to achieve the best possible results.

Step 4 Report.

We monitor and report on all your campaigns to ensure that they’re generating the results you need.

We help our clients go viral with original content created by you and for you (no dancing required)

Client Success Story

Golf Cars Unlimited

Over 2,000 new leads generated in 2021 resulting in a 40% increase in revenue over the prior year.

Services Used: Video Production, Social Media Management, Facebook Ads, Organic Reach on TikTok, YouTube, & Instagram

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