Small Businesses: Short-Form Video is Your Secret Weapon in 2023

As a small business owner, it’s more important than ever to capture the attention of potential customers in a crowded online landscape. And with the rise of social media platforms and the proliferation of video content, short-form video has become a key tool for small businesses to connect with their audience.

According to a recent study, the average attention span is now just 8 seconds, which is shorter than that of a goldfish. This means that small businesses have a limited window to grab the attention of their audience and make an impact.

Enter short-form video. With the ability to quickly convey a message or showcase a product or service, short-form video is more likely to capture and hold the attention of viewers. And with platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok all featuring a heavy focus on video, the potential reach for small businesses is enormous. In fact, it’s estimated that over 500 million hours of video are watched on YouTube every day, while TikTok alone has over 2 billion downloads worldwide.

Here’s why short-form video needs to be part of your marketing plan in 2023.


Short-form video is also more shareable, making it a powerful tool for small businesses to reach a wider audience on social media. With the average person spending over 2 hours per day on social media, the potential reach for small businesses is huge.

Flexibility & Cost

In addition to its attention-grabbing and shareability, short-form video is also incredibly flexible. It can be used in a variety of ways by small businesses, including in ads, on social media, on their website, and in email marketing. And because it’s generally less expensive to produce than long-form video, it’s a cost-effective option for small businesses with limited budgets for marketing.

In conclusion, short-form video is a crucial tool for small businesses looking to connect with their audience and drive business growth in 2023. With its ability to quickly capture attention, increase shareability, and provide flexibility and cost-effectiveness, small businesses should consider incorporating short-form video into their marketing strategy.

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