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Get the answers to some of the most common Facebook and Instagram questions we get asked.


Here you’ll find answers to your common Facebook ad questions.  Remember, if you have any questions specific to your business or brand, you can reach us here.

What is a Facebook Ad?
Simply put, Facebook ads are posts or content that are paid to be seen. Often times when you’re scrolling through your newsfeed, either on your mobile device or desktop, you’ll notice posts that say “sponsored” under the page’s name.  Those are Facebook ads.
What about Instagram ads?
Because Facebook owns Instagram, those ads are purchased, targeted and created the same way as Facebook ads.  By default, we include Instagram as an ad placement.  This way, your ads are shown on both Facebook & Instagram!
What kinds of results can I expect from Facebook ads?
This depends entirely on your campaign.  Our campaign objective can be a variety of things like website clicks, post engagement, video views, phone calls, and even new follower generation.
How much do Facebook ads cost?
Facebook ads are run entirely different from newspaper, TV & radio ads.  Your Facebook campaign is entirely based on your budget.  The larger the budget, the more people your ad will be delivered to each day.  If you’re going to attempt your own Facebook ads, you can spend as little as $5 a day.
How can I target my Facebook ads?
We can create a custom audience for your business or brand that focuses on age, geography, demographics, interests, job titles, you name it.  We can even create an audience of your customers or website visitors.
Do I need a Facebook page to run a Facebook ad campaign?
Yes. If you want to run a Facebook ad campaign, you’ll need a business or brand page.  Facebook pages are free and simple to set up, and you can create one here.
Why do you need access to my Facebook page to run ads?
Facebook will only allow ads to run when we have administrative access to your Facebook page.  Side note: We don’t need your user name or password to get access and you can remove us at any time.


How many times are my ads shown?
This depends on a number of different factors.  How large or small your audience is, your budget size, as well as the creative you’re using.
What kinds of Facebook ads can I run?
You can run a variety of Facebook ads creative.  From images and videos to carousel ads with multiple images and videos.  Creative capabilites are virtually endless.

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