Instagram Algorithms Explained, CEO Shares New Info

On Wednesday, Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, took to social media to delve into the recent changes and improvements made to Instagram’s algorithms.  Scroll down to watch the full video.

Mosseri started off by clarifying that Instagram doesn’t use a single algorithm, but rather a collection of algorithms and ranking processes aimed at personalizing your experience on the platform. “There is no one algorithm for Instagram. There are many algorithms and ranking processes we use to try to personalize the experience,” Mosseri noted.

Instagram Stories

Mosseri elaborated on how Stories are ranked. He explained that Instagram uses proxies and predictions to estimate how much interest you might show in a story. The main signals for ranking Stories include your history of interacting with stories and how often you engage with the author. “We use signals information that we know about you and your interests,” Mosseri shared.

Instagram Feed

He continued to explain the goal of the feed: to update you on the best content since your last visit. Instagram uses similar proxies and predictions for every post, predicting your likelihood to engage with it. Mosseri also highlighted the introduction of ‘Favorites’ and ‘Following’ features that enable users to shape their Instagram experience further.

Instagram Reels

The focus of Reels, as Mosseri explained, is to entertain you with content largely from accounts you don’t follow. Instagram uses similar ranking processes to predict how likely you’ll be interested in a reel. He clarified, “We predict how like you are to watch the reel till it’s over, how like you are to send the reel to a friend.”

Instagram Explore

Just like Reels, Explore is a recommendation surface designed to help you discover new content from accounts you don’t follow. Mosseri shared that the ranking process and signals used in Explore are quite similar to those in Reels.

Debunking Shadow Banning Myths

A key issue that Mosseri addressed was shadow banning, debunking the myth that Instagram suppresses reach to get users to pay for ads. “We do not suppress reach in order to get accounts to pay for ads,” he reassured users.

Growing Your Instagram Audience

For those aiming to grow their audience on Instagram, Mosseri advised them to experiment with content, check insights, collaborate with other creators, and create original and engaging content.

Concluding his address, Mosseri emphasized transparency and education, expressing his hopes to help users understand how Instagram works to enhance their experiences. He stated, “Our hope is to help explain how Instagram works to you so that you can make the most of the platform.”



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