LinkedIn Dives Into Short Form Video: A Late, Strategic Move

While TikTok and Instagram Reels have dominated smartphone screens, LinkedIn’s been cooking its own recipe in the professional realm. Enter LinkedIn’s “Daily” – a tailored, short-form video experience shaking up the learning landscape. It’s not just about jumping on the bandwagon; it’s about redefining professional growth.

LinkedIn’s traditionally been the go-to for suits and resumes, but with “Daily,” it’s injecting a fresh vibe into the mix. Users can swipe, like, and dive deep into a world of bite-sized, professional wisdom – all tailored to their interests (sound familiar?). It’s professional development, but not as you know it.

Why now, you ask? LinkedIn’s strategic delay has allowed it to observe, learn, and deliver something beyond casual scrolling. “LinkedIn short form video” is about targeted learning, not just entertainment. This isn’t about catching up; it’s about setting a new pace.

As we talk SEO and engagement, remember this: LinkedIn’s foray into short form video isn’t just another feature. It’s a commitment to evolve, to blend the lines between learning and networking, and to keep professionals at the top of their game.

So, as LinkedIn rolls out “Daily,” it’s clear: they’re not just following trends. They’re trying to craft a niche, a unique corner in the bustling world of short-form content. And for professionals hungry for growth AND professional creators? It could be a game changer.

LinkedIn short form video – it’s here, it’s powerful, and it could redefine professional learning. Get ready to swipe, learn, and grow.

The only place to see it is by downloading the LinkedIn Learning app.