How to Use the Facebook Pixel Helper

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Make Sure Your Facebook Pixel is Working with this Free Google Chrome Extension

So you were able to figure out how to create and install the Facebook pixel on your website. Nice job! You’re one step closer to running incredibly successful Facebook remarketing campaigns.

In this tutorial, I’m gonna show you how to make sure your Facebook pixel is running properly.  It’s a simple Google Chrome extension called the Facebook Pixel Helper and it’s a life-saver.

Besides being able to see if your Facebook Pixel is firing on your website, you’ll be able to do a few things:

  • Check individual pages and whether or not your pixel is firing.
  • Make sure your pixel is tracking the correct actions (i.e. Page views, Add to Cart, Form Submissions, etc)
  • See other websites that are using the Facebook Pixel to track you!

Have No Idea What We’re Talking About?

Go back and see our step-by-step Facebook Pixel installation tutorial.  You’ll learn how to create a pixel, install it on your website, and then create a custom audience to build in your Facebook Ads Manager.

Remember, if you have any questions, contact us here or shoot us a DM on Facebook or Instagram (@VIVOCreativeNY).  We’re happy to help!